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how to create a share on a path?


I have a share and created on a path: share_name --> /volume_name/path_name



1.  I know how to create a share on a volume or qtree, but don't know how to create a path and on top of that to create a share?

2.  Under what circumstances, I would need to create a share on a path?
3.  When I snapmirror the volume over DR site, after I create a clone on the mirror, I don't see the path has been snapmirrored, whey?


Can anybody pleasehelp to  shed light on this issue?



1. You create a path in the filesystem by mounting or sharing the volume or qtree, then creating a folder. Then you can share it out. If you share a path that doesn't exist already, it will break.

2. There are no specific circumstances where you need to create a share on a path. There are use cases like homedirs, but ultimately it comes down to if you want to create shares for individual paths. In most cases, admins want to mask parent directories and place users directly in the folder they need to use.


3. Snapmirror will not replicate shares. SVMDR will. That is available in 8.3.1 and later.