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How to display the "arp" entries in Clustered Data Ontap 8.2



We want to check the arp entreis in Clustered Ontap 8.2.  I could not find any information in NOW site.

Like in 7-mode we tried to run the arp command at node level in diag mode.  But, it gives the below error

"Privilege must be set to 'test' in order to run this command".

Thanks in advance.


Vijay R



stumbled upon this old thread while googling.

we can at least show arp entries in CDOT 8.3.1:


> version

NetApp Release 8.3.1: Mon Aug 31 12:42:08 UTC 2015


> set diag



> network arp active-entry show


Node: node01
Vserver: Cluster
Subnet Group:
Remote IP Address MAC Address Port
----------------- ----------------- -------






I see no one has answered this. I am literally on the phone w/ support right now and they don't know either.  I do see arp commands were removed in 8.2 for some reason.


If everything else fails - did you try systemshell?


Yes, you are correct.  You can view them from the systemshell (arp -a).  NetApp advised me however, to not make any changes to the arp cache via systemshell and there are no commands in cluster shell.  I am in a situation where my gateways are changing. Same VLAN and IP but different MAC. Action plan I was given was takeover/giveback of each node to clear arp tables.


Just came across this old reply I made and I wanted to post an update. I did not end up having to do a takeover/giveback. When the gateways were replaced there was a time period of about 2-3 minutes with no connectivity and then the new MAC's were learned. So yes, there was an out, but nothing that needed to be resolved w/ a takeover/giveback.

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