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ONTAP Discussions

Cifs name lookup failed with dynamic home drives


Ok, so i'm confused... I do the following


show-user -vserver vserver1 -username myusername


Vserver: vserver1  (internal ID: 3)

Error: Lookup of CIFS account name procedure failed
[ 1 ms] Successfully connected to ip, port 445 using
[ 9] Successfully authenticated with DC
[ 12] Could not find Windows name 'localvserver\myusername'
**[ 12] FAILURE: CIFS name lookup failed

Vserver : vserver1
Username : 'localvserver\myusername'


Why on earth is it pointing to my local vserver and not my domain.


It should come up as 




I'm confused as to why this is happening, and I missing an option.  secd returns authentication fine, and my HD mounts fine.  I'm running 9.0RC2,  I believe this started in 9.0







Please refer KB 2026949 secd.unexpectedFailure: vserver (vserver_1) Unexpected failure. Error: Lookup of CIFS account SID procedure failed. (requires login)

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The issue was the difference between commands in 8.3 and 9.0. In 9.0.


In 9.0 you need to put -username domain\id

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