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"operation not permitted" error when copying multiple files


FAS3240 running 8.1.4P1 7-Mode exporting NFS shares to Oracle Linux 6.7 (just like Red Hat).  NetApp is connected using Fiber Channel and nfs 3.

When copying multiple files from script we will occasionally get from the Linux servers:


cp: cannot create regular file `/directory/subdirectory/filename':Operation not permitted


This will not do it for all the files, just intermittently on files as the script runs.  And usually if we get the error above the file will be created but will have 0 byte count. 

We haven't seen it happen if we run copy commands individually from command line.  It appears to happen when copying multiple files using a script.  We're talking about 890 files.  Most are not large.  2 of them are 12MB in size.  Most of the others range from 10 to 20K.


Nothing in the messages file or in any of the log files that I've found.


I'm wondering if there is something going on where the filer can't  keep up with the multiple file copies.


Any ideas where to start looking to troubleshoot this?





Export policy is not configured correctly

Try to change the permissions in advanced privilege filer> options cifs.ntfs_ignore_unix_security_ops on

Also refer bug 57350

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