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How to make new added disk as SPARE ones?


we have just added two new shelve's onto the filer, and I can see disks under node shell by using "disk show -n".


Next step, I wanted to add them in existing aggrs. However, I am not able to see them on Cluster shell.

What is the command to make then SPARE ones, I guess, by assigning the ownership,  which is the first step I think I need to do before I add them in an aggr.

Also, what would be the command to show me the model of the shelf, ex, 4246  or 2246, what would be command to list all disks in a particular shelf. 


Thanks for sharing!



Are you using C-Mode or 7-Mode?




You need to assign disks using "storage disk assign". You can see them in cluster shell with "storage disk show -container-type unassigned". In principle you should be able to use "disk assign" in node shell as well.


Thanks for your prompt response.


Do I need or Can I specify what node should some "unassigned" ones go to?


Should I do this Either on Cluster shell Or Node shell or both?




You must specify to which node they will be assigned. In 7-Mode default is the node where you run command, but in C-Mode cluster shell you can sit anywhere. You need to only run it once, and being on C-Mode you should do it from cluster shell if this is possible.


We have added two new shelf, say shelf-1 and shelf-2.


I wanted to assing all disks in shelf-1 to node-1. What would be options in using "storage disk assign". Is following a right command?

 storage disk assign -disk 3b.22 -node node-1    # 3b.22 is the path of the shelf-1 as the result of "disk show -v" in node shell


Also, any command to show me the model of the shelf? another way to identify the shelf / disks.




And your Data ONTAP version is ... ?




the following is correct?

storage disk assign -disk node1:3b.22 -owner node1  


In 8.3 I would expect something like 1.22 (<stack>.<shelf>). In any case, this is of course not correct. Did you read documentation? Assuming your system is actually using node names for whatever reason, this would be node1:3b.22.* for all disks in shelf 22. Or you can simply run storage disk assign -all if all disks should be assigned to the same node.


You can see shelf information using - surprise - "storage shelf show" command.

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