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How to migrate data from one Netapp filer to other Netapp.


Could anyone please provide me what is the best way to migrate complete data from one Netapp filer to other Netapp.

After migration we are going to de-commission the migrated filer.


Note : Is that possible to migrate the data between two different model NetApps with different  OS versions?


Source Netapp :

FAS2040  DATAONTOP : 8.0.5  HA Partner Setup


Destination Netapp:

FAS2240-2 DATAONTOP : 8.2 HA Partner Setup



snapmirror.. It's just that simple.. If you are running vfilers, it's even easier.




Both the Source and Destination Filers doesnt have Snapmirror Licence, Is there any alternate solution to migrate the data without Snapmirror?


The options listed above would work. You could also ask your NetApp sales contact about getting a demo / trial license of SnapMirror for the migration process. They are generally open to a short term license to allow for the ease of upgrading.


Hi Irfan,


Are these 7 mode controllers?


you may want to try NDMPCOPY


You can migrate data from the source path to a destination path on the same storage system or to a different destination path on a remote host.




you could use vol copy command to do this.

Please see the guide "Upgrading a FAS2040 system in an HA pair by copying its volumes to a FAS22xx system in an HA pair" at this location for details.

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