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How to move filers to new switches?

Due to new nexus equipment I will need to swap the filers 10gbe over to the some new 5000 hardware.  I'm trying to figure out a process other than powering down the entire system to move the cables.  I'm wondering if you can just fail each system over and then swap cables to new 5000 and then do a fail back. 

So im looking to anyone who has possibly been thru such a migration and may could pass along any gotchas or preferred methods.  Thanks


Re: How to move filers to new switches?

Yes, you can do it as non-disruptively as at all possible using takeover/giveback; I have been through it. Do not forget that any mistake in new switch configuration would mean service interruption, so you still need to account for it. I personally find it much more irritating to have unplanned downtime than arrange for planned one.

Also do not forget that CIFS connections will be disrupted during takeover/giveback.

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Re: How to move filers to new switches?

Is it possible to check the network configuration of the offlined filer prior to doing a giveback? 

Re: How to move filers to new switches?

Not really. You need to actually configure interfaces on filer to verify connectivity and this is not possible in takeover state.

Re: How to move filers to new switches?

Sorry Im so late to respond to this.  If no configuration is changing on the filer interfaces (VIF/Vlans will all stay the same) then really my only hope is that the new 5000 is configured properly and a giveback goes as planned. 

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