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How to setup 1 data Aggregate with all disks




I have a C190 all ssd with 12 disks total.  Side A has 6 disks and Side B has the other 6 disks.  My goal is to create 1 Data Agg with 11 disks and 1 spare while keeping the disks in their respective home locations.  When I go to do a manual setup I can only setup a Agg per side and not just 1 using both sides.  I know this is possible as I have another unit that is setup this way.  I just don't know how it was done.  The end storage model will be NFS.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  Ontap version is 9.7xxx


Thank you!



You can remove ownership of all the P1 and P2 partitions. Then assign them all to one node.


depending on workload, you could leave it as-is, create two aggregates and then create a FlexGroup that spans both controllers.

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