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IOPS in C-Mode



Is there a ONTAP CLI command that lists IOPS numbers?. I need to know the IOPS Available and IOPS used at any point in time on a NetApp filer.





statistics show-periodic -interval 1  # is very similar to sysstat... some other commands I like to use

cluster statistics show               # also similar to sysstat

dashboard performance show

Also some very useful information when you set an infinite QoS policy... select SVMs or volumes to apply a policy to... set the policy to INF... then view stats summarized for those objects... or default to all.

qos statistics workload performance show -refresh-display true

qos statistics performance show

qos statistics characteristics show

qos statistics latency show


Are you aware of how to calculate RAW IOPS?

Some applications, such as VMTurbo, will integrate with an array / cluster to give you a similar number (based off of the same formula to calculate expected RAW IOPS). Can't recall off the top of my head if Balance does it as well (will double check).

But yes, as shane.bradley mentioned, "statistics show-periodic" will give you an output of current IOPS, similar to running "sysstat -x" in 7-Mode (or running that same command in cDOT via the node shell or " node run" command).


What do you mean by iops available?

show-periodic will show you basic throughput stats if that is what you're looking for.

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