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snapmirror fail when having mismatch verson of Ontap 7-mode


I have netapp box FAS2240-4 with 2 controllers (these 2 controllers are on the same chasis).  Recently I upgrade one controller to 8.2.1 7-mode and keep the other one at 8.1.1P4 7-mode for testing purpose.  And my existed snapmirror between the 2 controllers start to fail with the error message:

Data ONTAP API Failed :Snapmirror error: incompatible snapmirror versions on systems  (Error: 13102)

Just wonder if the snapmirror support mismatch Ontap 7-mode version.




Take a look at TR-3446 for 7-mode



I'm assuming you're mirroring from 8.2 to the 8.1 filer?

they need to be the same . It use to work that you could mirror from a lower version to a higer but its been a while since i did snapmirror stuff.


For VSM lower to higher works, but not higher to lower. For QSM it is possible to replicate between any versions.


I'm new to netapp, just wonder what is VSM and QSM.  I think in my case I have VSM because I just check and notice that all the snapmirror from lower to higer work just fine.  Only higher to lower has problem.



VSM = Volume SnapMirror

QSM = Qtree SnapMirror

Its all to do with whats being replicated, QSM allows a specific "directory" in a volume to be replicated. VSM Replicates the entire volume

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