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IPSPACE "Cluster" has not "port list".

As you can see below, the IPspace "Cluster" doesn't have associaetd "port list", doesn't have "Status".

What is "Cluster" for? Can OnTap function normally without this IPspace?

This is a Cloud Volume OnTap we created. Any fix for this problem or we have to re-create?



> broadcast-domain show
(network port broadcast-domain show)
IPspace Broadcast Update
Name Domain Name MTU   Port List   Status Details
------- ----------- ------ ----------------------------- --------------
Cluster Cluster 9000                -                              -


Re: IPSPACE "Cluster" has not "port list".

If I recall correctly, a single node cluster does not have or need any cluster ports so the group will be empty. Are you able to confirm a single node cluster?

Re: IPSPACE "Cluster" has not "port list".



I assume it is a single node cluster, since there is only one node here.



1.    How could I confirm it? If it is, then the output I pasted should not be an issue?

2.    The problem is that I could not ping any outside IP's from this CVO.

Re: IPSPACE "Cluster" has not "port list".

node show


 will show you the current node or nodes in the cluster. 

since there is no communication happening between nodes the cluster IP addresses are not needed


 converting to a two node cluster would require adding a couple interfaces which would ultimately be in the cluster ipspace 


Re: IPSPACE "Cluster" has not "port list".

"node show" seems fine. I am okay with single node cluster.


The problem is that I could not ping any  IP's on-premises from this CVO, though I can ping LIF's in CVO from on-premise. Any idea what could be the cause?

Re: IPSPACE "Cluster" has not "port list".

Just out of curiosity did you have another ipspace?


It's hard not seeing your configuration. If you open a support case we can look at your instance and ASUPs (if enabled, or you can manually send one) and see what is wrong.

Re: IPSPACE "Cluster" has not "port list".

Yes, there is only one IPspace, and one only called "default". 

I assume since there is only one node, so, without "Cluster" IPspace seems fine. 

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