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IPV6 Configuration

Hi Folks,

One of my customer requires dual stack I.e IPV4 and IPV6 on network interfaces. They are already in IPV4 & now I enaled IPV6. Also added IPV6 IP to VLAN's. I am able to ping IPV6 gateway from storage end but not any other IP's. Also added IPV6 gw to route. Not yet modified RC and hosts files yet. Since I am able to ping gw from storage, is it network switch configuration issue or storage ? Request your help.



Re: IPV6 Configuration

To communicate both partners must know how to talk to each other. Do "other IP" know how to route to your new IPv6 address? Does your gw know how to route between both subnets?


Without seeing actual IPv6 configuration and routing table from both sides it is impossible to even start to guess.

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