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Increasing deduplicated volume size after the threshold limit


Hi we have the following storage model and I have checked the threshold limit for the model FAS2050 for a deduplicated volume is 2TB.

I want to increase the space of the volume beyond the threshold limit.

storage model
FAS2050  : with ontap 7.3.3

message while adding more space to the volume

vol size: Selected SIS volume size is too large; maximum is 2048g

df  -s output of the volume
Filesystem                used      saved       %saved
/vol/vol1/      2094239660          0           0%



If you want to increase a volume size beyond the dedupe limit then you have to first disable the dedupe then try increasing it


0% savings seems a bit low for any kind of volume. Did you run SIS on the volume at all? "sis start -s /vol/<volumename>" ?

As soon as you get more free space by deduplication, you can increase the volume size again. The number of physically allocated blocks cannot exceed 2TB. So if you save, say, 50g by deduplication you can increase the size of the volume by 50g afterwards



Hi ,

Since the space saving was almost nill  , we disabled the de-dupe volume  using "sis undo"

then we increased the space for the volume.


I have the same issue, need to increase a dedupe volume over the limit.

/vol/vol1/     1066374992  201679956          16%

Can I stop sis when the volume is 99% full, then increase the volume?

Can anyone update me on the procedure for this action?


You can stop SIS anytime on the volume.

Then increase the size and run the "sis undo" command to make it a "normal" volume again.


PS "sis undo" is an "advanced" command (priv set advanced)

vol size gives me this error:

vol size: Selected SIS volume size is too large; maximum is 1024g.

Even after I disabeled sis the error appears. So can I do a "sis undo" before sizing the volume? Or will that trash data?


Yes, just sis undo and then grow the vol. WAFL  N-E-V-E-R  thrashes any data... I think



Well, it *thrashes* data from time to time, but it NEVER *trashes* data 😉



OK OK... English 4 Beginners... I got it

If we meet, I can thrash you and then throw you in the trash, correct?


Forget about the comments Peter, you got my point

The 16% (200GB) of dedupe data on the volume, that was what worried me since we're going to do a sis undo.



What if "sis undo" errors out that you don't have enough space to convert the volume to normal.

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