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Inherited: Cannot manage device




I have inherited a NetApp FAS2000 series (not sure exactly which one). It is my understanding that the device is simply used for CIFS storage, with two volumes. However, I cannot manage the device/storage. The previos admin just left a note saying go to http://name/na_admin and use the root username and password. 

This page loads, but when I click FilerView, I get a standard IE page saying "This page cannot be displayed, make sure the address is correct https://name, make sure TLS and SSL protocols are enabled..." Notice the address is https. 


I then noticed the admin had NetApp OnCommand shortcut on his desktop, so launched this, but couldn't discover the device. When the discovery fails, if I hover my mouse over the IP address I entered, I see "The version of OnCommand System Manager supports storage systems running Data OnTap 7.3.3 or later". I appear to be running 7.2.4L1.


Also, I have discovered the two IP addresses for CIFS access, and another IP address for the "wrench" port. Which of these is supposed to be used for OnCommand? I have also managed to login via the console port. 


What should I do? Upgrade OnTap to 7.3.3 or later so I can manage through OnCommand? Is the upgrade available without a valid support agreement? Does the upgrade cause a reboot (do I need to schedule for out of hours)? 


I could continue to manage via the CLI but would prefer not to.


Thanks in adnance.


PS: The OnTap web page warns that Vol1 and Vol2 are both full, so I am keen to get into the storage to see what 

PPS: As a NetApp noob please don't use NetApp abbreviations



To manage the filer through OnCommand System Manager, you need to upgrade Data ONTAP to the version which System Manager supports. Filers must be rebooted during upgrade by reboot(in case of non-HA) or takeover/giveback(in HA configuration).

To manager the filer with OSM,try to discover the filer using IP address of Data ONTAP(not base management console 's address). just try the address you used to access FilerView. Or, check IPs of filer by"ifconfig -a".


Thanks for the reply.



OK, after spending hours saerching around I found another install of OSM, but this time 2.0 (rather than 2.1). This version is compatible with the version of OnTap we are running however, I was still unable to discover the array. 


Turns out the snmp community name was changed, so once I found that (by typing "snmp" on the CLI) I used that when attempting to discover the array. I am now logged into the array.


Thanks for your assistance.