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Initial build with ontap 9.9.1



I'm doing Initial build with ontap 9.9.1.
It seems that the GUI has changed from the past version.
It looks like the screen for creating aggregates is gone.
The following is a question.
1) Is it possible to create aggregates using the GUI?
2) Is there an initial setting manual for Ontap 9.9.1?




Oh man. Don’t get me started!  
personally, I’m not a fan of using the GUI to create aggregates except in the extreme simple cases. 
i had a system yesterday with 24xnvme and the GUI would have been fine. 

however the other system I did has 36 x SATA (18 per controller) and 12xssd for storage pool. 
i did not even try the GUI but I suspect it works not have done the right thing. I tried to use the aggregate auto-provision and that would have yielded two SATA aggregates with 3 raid groups each. Not necessary. Instead I used the cli to create an aggregate with 10 of the shared drives (from adp) with a max raid size of 17. I then added 24 disks and ontap does the right thing: as any remaining shared drives to the first raid group and then makes a second raid group of 17 whole disks. I  end up with a larger solution. 

bottom line, I feel the cli gives me more control when I need it. 

I’m one of those people that very rarely uses the GUI …almost exclusive on the cli


Aggregate creation should be coming in 9.11.


You mean…coming back


 it used to be there. Then the auto thing came about and if you don’t have even distribution, the GUI usually won’t work



Seems to work rather well in 9.11.1 (Lab-on-demand -simulator)