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Inquire about various experiences related to Flash Pool


Dear All.


I need help about NetApp Flashpool.
I need help about FlashPool Sizing.

Currently, the system is configured as below.
FAS8060 (2 node Cluster)
1. Aggregate_n1 = 85 TB usable with 1 TB flashpool
2. Aggregate_n2 = 85TB usable with 1 TB flashpool
3. Only FCP Use.


Question 1.
What is the ratio of Usable Size to Flashpool Size?

I looked for the material, No appropriate rate data was found.


Questuon 2.
The hit ratio of FlashPool is shown as below.
I wonder if the values ​​below are appropriate or insufficient.

Average Read Hit = 27% (service normal time) ~ 34.1% (Service peak time)
Average Write Hit = 39.8% (service normal time) ~ 42.2% (Service peak time)


It is server virtualization based on VMware, and it provides various services such as WEB, DB, and APP.

I have tried the NetAPP SR, Not receiving the right answer.
I would like to get some advice on your various experiences.


Best Regards




Hi @sdyoon 


You can try to using AWA (Automated Working Set Analyser) to sizing how many cache capacity you need.



Max Projected Cache Size

The size at which the SSD cache would hold every eligible data block that was requested from disk during the AWA run. Note that this does not guarantee a hit for all future I/O operations, because they might request data that is not in the cache. However, if the workload during the AWA run was a typical one, and if your budget allows for it, this would be an ideal size for your Flash Pool cache.








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