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initiator shows “wwpn-not-logged_in”


I’m struggling with one of our 8080EX clusters, and was wondering if you can help.


I’m attempting to add a cluster of ESX hosts using FC.     The hosts have a connection directly to Brocade 5100’s and these then have onward connections to the 8080EX heads.         I’ve zoned everything out as per the numerous guides online, with the host WWPNs in the same zone as the lif WWpN.  No other WWNs or WWPNs are in the zone.


When I attempt a ping-igroup,  the initiator interfaces show as “Reachable” which (I hope) tells me that I’ve got my zoning correct, however each initiator also shows “wwpn-not-logged_in”      The Brocade switch shows up if I fcp topology show, and whilst I have taken half the paths down to simplify troubleshooting, it’s showing the NetApp connections as NPIV aware ports, as expected.


In 7-Mode the FC logins would be shown on the SP console, allowing me to see what was happening, but alas I don’t know how to view this on ONTAP9.1


At this stage, any help or advice you can offer would be gratefully received, as I’m really keen to move this cluster over!


Thanks in advance.




I "HAD" the same problem. The issue is with ESXi hosts not the Netapp cluster. what you have to do is reboot your

offending esxi hosts one at a time. I've forgotten the technical specifics but some type of FCP communication between host(s) and switch is locking out logins.




Please make sure you started the fcp service using following commands!?


::> vserver fcp create -vserver vs_1
::> vserver fcp start -vserver vs_1
::> vserver fcp show





fcp was was verified as started. I even stopped it and restarted it. Rebooted as well.


What is the output of Cluster::>igroup show -instance ?  Does it show any of the initiators you added to the igroup as logged in?  Did you check to make sure that the igroups are associated with the Portset that the FC lifs are members of?


An example of my out put is:


Vserver Name: clustersan
Igroup Name: esx__hosts
Protocol: fcp
OS Type: vmware
Portset Binding Igroup: fc_pset_1
Igroup UUID: f0133c2e-86c8-11e6-b8eb-90e2babad3fc
ALUA: true
Initiators: 50:01:43:80:24:23:40:1c (vhp01_A_san1) (logged in)
50:01:43:80:24:23:40:1e (vhp01_B_san2) (logged in)
50:01:43:80:24:d9:a8:6c (vhp02_A_san1) (logged in)
50:01:43:80:24:d9:a8:6e (vhp02_B_san2) (logged in)


also what is the output of ::>lun portset show ?


Sounds like your zoning is correct.  Probably just an association issue.


You can also use the commands

::>fcp initiator show


as well as these for all the initiator world wide names for your host hba's.  These are helpful for troubleshooting later.


::>fcp wwpn-alias set


::>fcp wwpn-alias show


fcp initiator show returned an empty table.



Issue was resolved by rebooting the esx host. No changes other than that.




I got the same issue on ESXi 6.5U1 and it was resolved with rebooting ESXi.


I am having a similar issue. Will let you know if I find a solution.

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