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Intercluster peering requirements


Hello Experts,



We are currently setting up a new FAS2554 system runinng OnTAP 9. I was revewing the prerequisites for cluster peering. It says 2 ports per node are required. The FAS unit we have only has a single controller in it. Will cluster peering work in a single controller enviroment or do we require a HA setup? This system is running a single controller as it s a backup NAS.





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It requires HA setup. Please refer http://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.dot-cm-dpg%2FGUID-3498EC3C-320D-4D09-B68F-AB894007F7DD.html

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Re: Intercluster peering requirements


You do not need HA Pair to establish cluster peering. The only requirement is full mesh - each node of one cluster must be able to speak with each node of other cluster. Two ports aer recommended from redundancy considreations, but this is not required.

Re: Intercluster peering requirements


You can do cluster peering to single controller also. Why we need two paths is for redundancy. Please find the cluster peering steps below.


Before performing cluster peering you need to create intercluster lifs.



>cluster peer create -cluster <Remote clustername> -peer-addrs <ips of intercluster lifs> -auth-status-admin use-authentication -ipspace Default


>cluster peer show -instance


>Cluster peer health show


After creating cluster peering you need to establish peering between vservers(SVM's).


 >vserver peer create -vserver <local svm> -peer-vserver <svmname> -applications snapmirror -peer-cluster <Remote cluster name>


>vserver peer show -instance



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Re: Intercluster peering requirements


Thanks for the reply. I was able to setup a test intracluster SVM peer relationship. One possible issue. The target SVM machine only has a single controller. The other cluster has two controllers HA setup. Because the target machine only has one controller the HA node is showing "partial" availability. Is there something I should do to fix this?

Re: Intercluster peering requirements


Hi @TNR9001


Can you please post the out put of "cluster peer show - instance".



Possibly it will show as partial only. after some time it will show you as peered only .... Please let me know the below option what you have selected while creating cluster peer?




So that i can help you with this issue.

Re: Intercluster peering requirements


Edit. Problem solved. It was a cabling issue. Both peer interfaces are showing healthy.


Thank you.


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