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Is it safe to perform giveback?


On a FAS2240-4 cluster running ontap version 8.1.2 in 7-mode. Status of the nodes:


Node 1: node1 has taken over Node2

Node 2: waiting for giveback


When doing a 'cf giveback', I'm getting the following message :


Partner not waiting for giveback, giveback cancelled.

To do a giveback without checking for partner readiness, please either set option "cf.giveback.check.partner" to off before doing "cf giveback" again or do "cf giveback -f".


I have the impressing this is the case because of the following reason:


  slot 0: Interconnect HBA: Mellanox IB MT25204
GUID: 0x100000a0983871ae LID: 0x4 Remote LID: 0x0
Firmware rev: 1.0.800
Hardware rev: 160
Command rev: 1
Cluster Interconnect Port: port not active


I guess a "cf giveback -f" will not succeed... Right?


Any suggestions?






Re: Is it safe to perform giveback?




Please refer KB https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/ka21A0000000fj6QAA/can-the-cf-giveback-f-command-be-disruptive?language=en_US 

However if the interconnect has a failure then the nodes cannot communicate and the giveback will fail.

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Re: Is it safe to perform giveback?


I did the giveback by using -f. All apllications and access to Netapp filer was stopped. But now I'm stuck with an interconnect issue...as I expected. Will be continued.

Re: Is it safe to perform giveback?


FAS2240-4 with error interconnect down. Any ideas?

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