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Is there a list of production safe commands on the node shell?


Hello NetApp Community, fellow admins and technicians,


I had a small and simple performance analysis script on my 7-mode systems that I was using every once in a while to see the current load of a specific 7-mode system. The script was as follows:


priv set -q diag
nfsstat -z
statit -b
sysstat -x -s -c 60 2
echo ""
echo "statit -e"
echo "========="
statit -e
echo ""
echo "nfsstat -d"
echo "=========="
nfsstat -d
priv set



I would run it via the "source" command on my filers CLI. I was happy with it.


*Enter Clustered Data ONTAP*


Well, I was trying to get some performance information out of CDOT and let's put it politely: CDOT is not talkative. Looking for solutions I stumbled over the OnCommand Performance thingy and it's VM requirements are simply insane. NetApp, I'm not gonna waste so many cores and cycles and memory on our VMWare cluster just to get only a subset of possibilities that I had with DFM. ... Well and of course then I still would have to run DFM in parallel because 7-mode.




Now I know that there are commands that can be savely run on a cluster node, eg. sysstat. Other commands are not supported on the node shell anymore and might actually panic your system, let me put it straight: This behaviour is acceptable, but my boss would still tear my head off if I make our systems panic.


Now to the point: I was wondering, is there an official list of commands that are known to be safe (or dangerous) to be ran on the node shell?


Best regards,






Re: Is there a list of production safe commands on the node shell?




Refer https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMM1277800 page 505 for node shell commands. It is not recommended to run node shell commands without Netapp support team assistance.

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