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copy data with non-utf8 file names to nfs4 volume


We've got a linux file system (ocfs2) with file names encoded with iso 8859-1. We'd like to copy this data into a a new nfs4 share from a 7-mode filer. The share is mounted on the same linux server. In an iso 8859 environment trying with cp, scp or tar-copy-untar this fails when the data is to be written to the share:

cp -p /source_path/* /target_path/
cp: cannot stat `./fleißige_Azubis.jpg': Invalid argument


Obviously this is due to the German special character encoded with a single byte xDF. We have been trying with different language configuration of the volumes shared as NFS4 but neither of the languages (en_US, en_US.UTF-8, de, de.UTF-8) worked.


Is there a way to get this data copied? - Ideally by maintaining the encoding as there is a database containing rerferences to the file names.