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Is there a work-around to access the ~snapshot directory from Windows clients using SMB 2.x


From SMB2.0 it is only possible to access the ~snapshot folder from an ONTAP junction point. In SMB1 the ~snapshot tree could be entered at any folder. This is described here:



I have found that if I take a UNC, append \~snapshot to it and map that to a drive letter it works but has anyone got a more elegant solution? Is there a freeware tool that will give access to the ~snapshot tree at an arbitrary  place in the hierarchy? 

I don't want to subvert security.


Thank you



What is the end goal of accessing or mounting directly the ~snapshot directory? Perhaps there is a better option for what your business need is for this.


Hi,I have been asked about providing users with direct access to recover their own files. If a folder is moved or removed then "Previous Versions" doesn't work. 

Ordinary users might not be able to reach the junction point for some of the shares they use. They access shares via DFS. 

Is there a better option?

<Deleted> - sorry, have misread your response.

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Depending on the version of ONTAP, you can check the CIFS share configuration on the SVM.


::> vserver cifs share properties show -vserver <vserver name>


There is an available option for CIFS share properties to allow previous versions in a share.




 If the option is not present in the vserver you can set it using the following command.


::> vserver cifs share properties add -vserver <vserver name> -share-name <name of share> -share-properties show-previous-versions


Ref: https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Storage_Software/ONTAP_OS/Previous_versions_are_unavailable_after_upgrade_from_Clustered_Data_ON...