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Issues with Centos and Kerberos setup - Also alot of HA failures


Hi Everyone,


Im new to Netapps and currently been testing it for my company as a new online NFS share using Centos 7.5. I have enabled kerberos and connected the Centos box to the domain. 


Whenever I try to mount the NFS share, I get an auth issue, I have double checked the SPN and UPN are correct within AD and the centos box is pulling the kerberos key, this is present within the 'klist' command. I have checked the name mapping within my Netapps setup and this has been working. Is there anything I could be missing to get kerberos 5 working with nfs mounts? 




Re: Issues with Centos and Kerberos setup - Also alot of HA failures




Could you elaborate more on 'auth issues' that you are facing ? Errors/log/screenshot you could share ?


Also, have you had a chance to see this TR, this is a very well written KB, so much info is in there.


It's worth just reading the kerb auth process in there.


Kerberos, NFSv4, and LDAP in ONTAP


Also give us this:
centos kernel version? [uname -a]
nfs-utils package version? [rpm -qa nfs-uti*]



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