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K8S Multi storage works load balancing


I'd want to know , how to work load balancing  multipul storage with Kubernetes


I have 2 FAS8200 Storage without cluster, and 1 FAS8300 Storage

1 kubernetes master node and 100~ worker nodes 


We are going to build a service using a total of 3 storage units.

I am planning to use iscsi, and I am curious how loadbalancing is performed when generating pv in k8s at this time.

I want to use the capacity of the three storage units as evenly as possible.



Your best bet is to cluster all of your nodes so you have one big namespace for all of your loads. Then, use Trident and perhaps rebalance the loads as they develop by moving the volumes between aggregates. Loads will probably vary too much to be able to guess at where they should be placed at creation time.  Moving the volumes used by Trident is mostly unproblematic as Trident only communicates with the SVM using volumes (and qtrees with the correct backend driver), so it doesn't matter which aggregate they are on.