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The refid, ultimate time source in OnTap Cluster?


In OnTap 9.x cluster, is there any way to show refid value? 

I could not find any commands can show that. 


Thank you for your inputs in advance!



I think the "refid" is something used in NTP context which is a property of ntpq/NTP daemon which is a linux based and hence the "ONTAP kernel" commands might not have it which sits above the linux (freebsd).


You could go to systemshell (freebsd linux), where you could locate the linux based 'ntpq' utility that might fetch you the refid:


Log in to the system shell for a node.
::> set -privilege diagnostic
::*> system node systemshell -node node1
node1% sudo ntpq -pn


Note: You use the hidden ' diag' account to log in to system shell. This user needs to be unlocked and the password has to be set, if never configured.

If you endup troubleshooting NTP related issue, then you could refer to this popular KB:


You can get pretty much everything in the diag privilege level


> set diag

*> ntp status show -fields node,server,server-address,server-stratum,server-reference