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LACP & NetApp 8020



We test perfomance storage NetApp 8020.


- 2 x controller FAS8020 with 10Gb nic card

- 1 x disk shelf SAS

- 2 x disk shelves SATA (SATA + SSDdisk for FlashPool)  


Each controller is connected by 2 cables to Cisco Nexus.

This connection is configurable by EtherChannel or LACP 


Our results to CIFS share: ~ 7.5 Gb/s


This test showed that only one connection is used from the channel( EtherChannel/LACP)



Question - WHY? 


Please help



Re: LACP & NetApp 8020

in your test, how many sessions (CIFS) are providing the load?  LACP will load balance across multipl,e interfaces, but if there is only a single session, it would traverse a single interface.  to test throughput and load balancing, you may want to leverage multiple sessions and multiple hosts to generate your network load.

Re: LACP & NetApp 8020



We tested for one and two source.



One source: only one channel load and  speed connection 7 Gb/s

Two source: only one channel load and speed of one session from 3 to 4 Gb/s  (Sum of the speeds of both connections: 7 Gb/s )




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