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LIF Failover conditions



I'm trying to confirm the conditions that will initiate a LIF failover.  Aside from a whole node going down, will a LIF only failover if there is a link loss?


If that's the case, is there any other options I can employ to protect against the upstream switch failing but NOT taking a port offline?  I can't use LACP across two switches in this environmment.






Re: LIF Failover conditions

If you have multiple core and switch redudency, upstream switch failing should not be a problem in your network.


Ontap is not designed to handle such failure. that should be handled in your network design.

In a NAS environment, netapp controller is not aware or keeping track of the client status until client request reach netapp.


Let the controller do what it disigned/suppose to do rather than trying to fix everything with it.


Here is some failover policy you can configure on your LIFs..  


And I can gurantee none of them handle an upstream switch failure.



Re: LIF Failover conditions

Thanks for that Robin,  and I'm currently looking at the network design.


Can you confirm that LIF failover will only occure with a loss of link?



Re: LIF Failover conditions

I believe this is what you looking for Scenarios that cause a LIF failover.

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