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LUN Misalignment

I recently used Performance Advisor in the NetApp Management Console to try to determine ways to improve performance on our NetApp filers.  One of the recommendations was to correct LUN misalignment on several LUNs.  All of our LUNs are connected to Windows systems (i.e. none are in use in the Vmware environment).  Does this recommndation still apply, or would it only apply when using a LUN in VMware?  If it does apply, can someone point to any helpful information on this subject?


Re: LUN Misalignment

especially on Windows! because until Windows 2008 it always created misaligned partitions.


Re: LUN Misalignment

Great article, thanks Dominc!  I will continue to research.  Would love to hear anyone's comments on how they resolved misaligned I/O and/or if it made a difference.

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