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LUN Z concept in Netapp


Hi Frndz,


Do we have any concept of LUNZ in netapp , if yes what was that .if not , how do we manage the host communication stuff in netapp







Hi Saran,


I perform transition consulting for NetApp clustered Data ONTAP.


There is no host-lun requirement for SAN connectivity with NetApp.   Just present the data LUNs to the host and the multipath driver will see them.   


I'd recommend to take a look at the Express Guides for setting up FCP connectivity with SAN clients.  These condense all the steps so it is quick to follow for fastest setup within best practices.  For Windows, see this:  Windows FCP Express Guide for cDOT .   For Linux, see this: Linux FCP Express Guide for cDOT .


Optionally for communication from the SAN client to the NetApp you can install NetApp SnapDrive software onto the SAN client which offloads and automates many of the tasks for LUN provisioning, LUN resizing, LUN cloning, and snapshot backup tasks.    You can download SnapDrive here:  http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/download/software/snapdrive_win/7.1.1/ That is the Windows link but it is available for all the major OSes.  


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