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LUN migration from one aggregate to another

Hi All,

We have NetApp FAS3240 (DOT:8.0.2P7 7-Mode). We have provisioned one LUN to windows 2003 MSCS two node cluster server from aggr1 from Filer-A which was bounded using 144GB FC disks. I understatnd that, Netapp announced end of support for 144GB FC drives already. So, we are planning to migrate that LUN to Filer-B aggr1 which bounded using 300GB FC drives. Please note that, both Filer-A aggr1 and Filer-B aggr1 are 32-bit aggregates.

How can i achieve this migration without disruption/minimal downtime.

Please suggest me on this and also let me know can we configure snapmirror between Filer-A source volume to Filer-B destination volume. (Filer-A and Filer-B is HA pair)


Dhakshinamoorthy Balasubramanian



Re: LUN migration from one aggregate to another

It's not possible without disruption. You can use SnapMirror and it will give minimal downtime from filer side, but you will need to stop access from all hosts to old LUN before doing final cutover and this will be the most time consuming part.

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Re: LUN migration from one aggregate to another

Thanks for the inputs.

Check out the KB!
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