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Licensing for FAS 3220


Hi All,


Hoping somebody can point me in the right direction here. We have acquired 2 x FAS 3220 Filers and 2 X DS4243 Shelves. I have cabled this together ready for HA and completed all inital setup.


The filers have come with Data Ontap 8.2.3p5 in 7-mode. I have accessed the filer via oncommand system manager and I have no licenses for anything. I mainly plan on using this as a SAN for our vcentre servers but also will likely use it for file/folder storage.  So for this I need an NFS/CIFS and an iSCSI license. From what I have read in version 8 of data ontap the license is linked to the serial of the filers? I know this device/software version is a few years old now, so what would be the best way of getting the license I need? I have looked downgrading the controllers to version 7.3.6 but from what I read I don't believe the controllers will run this older version.


If anyone could give me a hand on my next steps it would be greatly appreciated.






Minimal Data ONTAP version for FAS3220 - 8.1.2. Licenses are available on NetApp portal if you have access to this serial number. You should ask whoever gave you these units to also give you licenses.