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ONTAP Discussions

Long LIF Migration Delay Normal?


When performing a takeover on a new FAS we are setting up, we neglected to manually migrate the cluster management LIF before performing the takeover. It migrated as it should have per the defined failover group settings, but it took over a minute.


Is this normal time for a LIF to migrate in such a scenario? I know typically you would migrate all LIFs away from the node being taken over, but it still seems a bit long for the link to come back up. 





I’m expecting a sec or two of ping loss. it worth testing also within the LIF subnet as the router might add a sec or two until it's invalidate an ARP record and identify&add the new one (can take even more based on some configuration on the router).


 it for sure shouldn’t take a full minute..



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


Thanks for the reply.


I asked an engineer about this. Seems this is actually normal behavior for the cluster management lif. The cluster doesn't fail the lif over befoer the takeover occurs so the lif goes down until the takeover completes.


Though if it were any data lif in a takeover scenario...the data lif would be migrated in the process before the node is taken over.

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