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Managing backups in cDOT using SnapVault




We are using Clustered ONTAP with two clusters.  I am SnapVaulting from one site to another.  I am replicating two volumes, both of which are VMWare datastore volumes.  I am using SMVI/VSC to backup a number of VMs and then SnapVaulting them to the secondary site.  I have set a local retention of 2 days and we have a requirement to retain 90 days worth of backups on the SnapVault site.  I also have a large number of SQL servers.  The databases are also required to be backed up.  I intend on using SMSQL.  Due to the number of SQL servers that I have (20+) and with the retention period of snapshots I will very quickly hit the 251 snapshot limit on the destination volume.


I have been told that a way around this would be to create a second SnapVault relationship from the original source volume(s) which would create a 'fan out' topology.  I would then need to set the first relationship to be updated by SMVI and the second relationship to be updated by SMSQL.  Herein lies the problem.  SMVI is aware of its relationship and when the backup jobs run they update the first SnapVault relationship.  When SMSQL runs and updates the SnapVault it sees both relationships and updates both relationships.  I now have SMSQL snapshots on the destination volume for my first relationship and SMSQL snapshots on the second volume.  All I need is to split the snapshot load so that the first destination volume only holds SMVI snapshots and the second destination only holds SMSQL snapshots.


I have added this to the end of this conversation thread since I believe that I may have to consider using PostScripting in order to SnapVault the particular relationship.  Any ideas how I could achieve this??