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Manual updates when Snapprotect isn't working


Hey guys,


What I hope is a quick one off, but I have a system that just came under my controll that was supposed to be performing snapmirrors and snapvaults on a regular schedule using the Snap Protect solution. From the best I can tell it was supposed to mirror daily then vault on the 7th day. But if I login to the DR system, and running snapmirror show -instance, I see lag time on almost all volumes to be anywhere from a month to 5 months. First of all, am I reading this correctly that it seems that Snap Protect isn't working as planned, and secondly can I run Snapmirror update commands manually just to get a recent backup on each of these volumes?





No it doesnt look like that is working as expected if you seeing long lag times.


Do you see the same on the Source side?


If not then it looks like your schedules are either incorrect on the destination side or there are no schedules.


There needs to a backup job on the source side and a transfer job on the destination side. I would recommend that the transfer job runs the same time/day as the backup job so when it does a snapshot on source, it also then transfers the snap over to the destination filer


You could run it manually by selecting the job and clicking update to force an update.