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Maximum VIF for Snapmirror replica


Hi all,


Just trying to solve a 60TB "problem", I've to replicate a 60TB volumen between our datacenters, two FAS8040 8.2.3 7Mode, the original idea is to do it with a mixed combination of FC / ETH interfaces, but, unfortunatly, we doesn't have the required HBA with FCVI support.


actually we are replicating the volumes within a 1GB physical interface (filer_name-rep), defined in the snapmirror.conf, I've 2 VIF not in use (2 ports 1 GB per VIF, LACP) on the filer and I'm thinking the following:


case 1:


.- define this two VIF not used in snapmirror.conf as a multimode:

mypath = multi (vif-rep1,vi-repf2)

mypath src-vol dst-vol (using 4 paths)


case 2:

.- if is not possible to define the 2 VIF (4 paths)

mypath = multi (192.168.10.x,192.168.10.y)

mypath srv-vol dst-vol (using only 2 physical interfaces)


In all cases, using the actual replica interface, adding the new not used interface:


60TB_vol - the new interface

all_vol - the old physical interface.


¿did you know if is this possible? define  and use different interfaces in different volumes? I don't have possibilities to test in a test environment 😞 and I can't engaged the netappa simulator due to security restrictions in our architecture.


thanks in advanced, regards


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