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Meaning of MetroCluster Status Error? (7-mode)


Can anyone provide insight on the following error message?  What type of MetroCluster error may have occured to generate this message?  Are there any commands I can run to find out more info?


node-01: node-02: Metro Cluster Status Error Do you wish to proceed with system start? ([n],y)


If I answer "y", the system appears to come up fine.


But the fact it is asking me, I assuming there is some sort of MetroCluster error.  Trying to figure out some more specifics.


Any insight appreciated.








Joyce -


Given that I'm teaching MetroCluster for a client in India this week this post realy caught my attention !


Best guess is that there was an unkown failure of the cluster, and the systems weren't sure of the state before the failure.

It was probably a check to prevent a bad resync if there was a split brain scenario.


I'd want to check the logs on both sides of the cluster to see what happened before the break.

I probably would have isolated the down system and done this before proceeding with bringing the failed node back online.


Thank you for this timely question.

I'll probably use it as a teaching example in the morning.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

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