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Metrocluster and OOD (Out-of-order delivery) with Brocade 6505


Hi all,


IHAC who is installing a FMC but his Brocade backend switches have no ISL Trunk license.

He will be using 2 ISLs per switch.


According to documentation, it is supported to use OOD (Out-of-Order delivery) instead of enabling trunking.


When enabling OOD (following documentation) and disabling trunking, there are the following issue making wondering if OOD is supported on Brocade 6505 platform.



The documentation (june 2018 version) says that dlsshow and trunkshow should show the following after enabling OOD and disabling trunking:

FC_switch_A_1:admin> dlsshow
DLS is set by default with current routing policy

FC_switch_A_1:admin> trunkshow

1: 20-> 20 10:00:00:05:33:ac:2b:13 3 deskew 15 MASTER

2: 21-> 21 10:00:00:05:33:8c:2e:9a 3 deskew 16 MASTER


Currently on the actual Brocade 6505 running 8.1.2a, there is the following output:



DLS is set with Lossless disabled


E_Port Balance Priority is not supported in this platform



No trunking links




My question:

- Is OOD supported on Brocade 6505

- Are the output from the command normal ?



Thank you for help








Re: Metrocluster and OOD (Out-of-order delivery) with Brocade 6505


Hi Regis,


the first question that comes to my mind - why don't the switches have the license? All switches are sold with the Enterprise Pack, which includes trunking. If not, the switches don't seem to be ordered as part of a MetroCluster configuration in the first place or are switches being repurposed for MC setup.


Second - generally OOO is supported, but only if you connect to a DWDM that does not support Brocade frame-based trunking.

Trunking is the default and highly recommended configuration.


If you really want to use OOO I encourage you to get in contact with your NetApp representative to have him file a PVR (product variation request).


regards, Niels


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