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Migrate Management to a new network


Dear community,


I'm managing a netapp FAS2520, I need to move Management and SP to a new network.

I try to figure out the best way to do this. If I can avoid moving to DC it would be best 🙂


My SP and Management use the port e0M on each controller.


Can I move the e0M of one controller to the new vlan, and then reconfigure IP from the second controller through webui ?

This way I'll avoid moving to DC.


Otherwise I should go to DC, migrate network, use console cable to reconfigure e0M?


Best regards


Re: Migrate Management to a new network


You can any available interface to access your node, you just need suitable LIF. Also you can change SP address, reconfigure switch port in different VLAN and access SP and then console.

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Re: Migrate Management to a new network




thanks a lot, this is a great idea.

I added a management lif on production ports. So I'll be able to reconfigure e0m and SP.


Thanks !

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