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Migrate nodes to ADP


We have an FAS8200 connected to a DS2246 shelf of 24 x 200GB SSDs.  When the system was initialized, ADP wasn't an option.  We are now going to be adding a DS4246 shelf of 12 x 8TB disks and we were wondering if the root aggregates can be migrated from that DS2246 shelf onto the new shelf and migrate to ADP at the same time?  Or is the only way to switch to ADP to move everything off of those two nodes and re-initialize them?



There is a way. It requires manual partitioning of the SSDs. Then there is a cool command to redo the node root volumes.

That process uses Aggr Relocation to send all data AGGRs to the partner, then an automated process will create a new root on the ADP devices and restore the root volume back. You then repeat the other way.

It is not for the  feint of heart! 


There is a KB article, I am not sure if it is even customer facing. I may be able to dig up more if you'd like!


I am intrigued. Let me know of you can find it.


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