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Missing Configuration Files FAS2050


Good afternoon, All.


I work for a subsidiary of a large corp, and I inherited a FAS2050 running 7.3.7P3 7 Mode. 


Out of the box, I did a wipe and selected 4a to create a Flexvol. 


Everything went fine in the config, and I have the system online, but there seem to be a lot of quirks that have me questioning things.




There are repeated errors saying that the volume language cannot be set. I attempted to set the language on the volume, but apparently etc/lang/lang.cfg is missing. On top of that, I couldn't even query for the language codes, as it said that file was missing too! 



Like above, I was receiving errors that my cluster couldn't sync because the time was off. Easy to fix, so I thought. I just had to set up NTP on each node and call it a day. 


I open up oncommand and navigate to system tools - date/time and attempt to set it. I'm greeted with an immediate error:


Data ONTAP API Failed :registry key etc.zoneinfo not found



OK... So I jump onto an SSH session and try to set the zone information and such manually. No luck. etc/zoneinfo not found. I tried to manually set the zone to America/New_York, but it pushed back saying no such zone existed. 



So this has me thinking something is rotten with the root volume on my controller. I tried reloading Ontap with the software update/install command (with the appropriate sysfiles in etc/software) but that didn't seem to solve the issue. 




Re: Missing Configuration Files FAS2050




i think you havent install the ontap full image yet after you "4a"ed that system.?

you need to download the ontap image of right version and upload it to the system and install it.


hopefully helps




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Re: Missing Configuration Files FAS2050


That indeed was the case, which I eventually figured out. 



I'm still a bit new to the NetApp world. I'm a former employee of another storage company and primarily have dealt with their stuff my entire career! 

Re: Missing Configuration Files FAS2050


no worries, everyone's welcome here. glad you figured that out. new skils 🙂

thanks for letting us know



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