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Modify Cluster Failover group


I have an 8040 pair and my cluster failover group contains 4 LIFs for Node1.   1 for each port e0a, e0b, e0c, e0d.    Only ports e0a and e0c are connected to eachother and the bnode has the correct cluster interfaces.   This must have gotten created during cluster setup.   I was able to remove 2 of the lifs but the failover group "Cluster" still contains all 4 network ports.   if I try to remove them i get an error that I cannot modify failover group "Cluster" because it is autogenerated by Broadcast domain "Cluster".   Broadcast domain "Cluster" cannot be modified so I now have ports in the failovergroup that wont work.   Is it possible to remove them? 







You can use network port broadcast-domain remove-ports -ipspace Cluster -broadcast-domain Cluster -port <nodeN:portB,nodeN:portD> to remove them from broadcast domain cluster and use as data ports.

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