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Move Root Volume to Another Filer's Aggregate


I've got two non-production vfiler units in an HA configuration and I'm trying to redo the disk configurations. On the second unit there's a single aggregate using all of the available disks so I have been unable to move the root volume to a new aggregate. I've tried changing it from raid-dp to raid4, but it fails because there's 11 disks and that's more than the max supported for raid 4. From what I've been reading, it sounds like it should be possible to maybe do a snapmirror/takeover to move the root volume off the aggregate, so I'm looking for guidance or see what other options there are. The mirror option is greyed out on the aggregates page, so not sure if it's not licensed or something else is missing. 



Are you looking at moving vfiler0 (controller root) or the vfiler root volume?  If you have room on another 7-Mode controller, you could vfiler migrate or vfiler dr activate the vfiler on a different node on different disks, then migrate or dr activate back after reconfiguring.


I'm not familiar with the difference between the two root volumes you mentioned, but I believe it's just the vfiler root volume. I have one aggregate (aggr0) 6.55 TB and it only has one volume (vol0) 100 GB. If I do a vfilter migrate, does the whole aggr0 need to be migrated or can just the volume be migrated? Also, am I correct in assuming that I cannot issue a CF Takover/Giveback to acheive this?


Takeover/giveback will not migrate data.  When you vfiler migrate, all volumes in the vfiler migrate to a different controller (on a different aggregate or aggregates).  This doens't look right.. you have to have other volumes if using vfilers... or maybe you aren't using vfilers, are using vfiler0 only, and all of your data is shared in vol0 with the /etc directory?


There is no production data on this unit so I've deleted all volumes except for the root volume. Ok so I could create an aggregate on Controller1 (C1), do a vfiler migrate of the root volume on controller 2 (C2) to C1 and then delete aggr0 on C2 create new aggregate on C2 and vfiler migrate root volume for C2 from C1 back to C2? I'm looking at the man page for vfiler  and it sounds like this will destroy the source vfiler so does this mean it needs to be completely reconfigured on C2 before it can be migrated back? 


I'm not clear on what you have on both controllers... a migrate will destroy the source vFiler, but leaves the volumes...so you can recreate with "vfiler create -r".  In the output you listed you only list vol0 so there are no vfilers.. You can confirm if you have non-default vFilers with "vfiler status".  The migrate method moves volumes one to one... not consolidation and not to different volume names.

If you have no data, simply re initialize it (special boot menu, menu 4). It will create single aggregate with 3 disks and root volume on it; all other disks become spare.