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Moving Volumes with LUNs used by SQL through iSCSI


All, thanks in advanced for any assistance on this.  Hopefully some others have had success doing this.


I recently purchased a new AFF and am going to be moving my SQL load over to it.  We have volumes containing LUNs that are presented to Windows Clustering Service through iSCSI and SQL access it like that.  On the Windows servers we have MPIO and Snapdrive setup so ALUA can identify the best path to access the LUNs.  Also by the time we do this upgrade we will be on cDOT Data ONTAP 9.0


I want to move the volumes to the new AFF but I can't have any downtime so I'm seeking some assistance on what the best course of action is.  I'll add thew AFF to the existing cluster and create the iSCSI lifs as needed for the nodes.  I'll also ensure that the new nodes are added to the SVM that contains the volumes.  From where I'm a bit lost on what can/should happen.  Do I just perform a vol move from the original nodes to the new AFF?  If so how can I guarentee that there won't be any downtime?  If it works automatically does anyone know how quickly ALUA will kick in and start using the new path?  I have 20ish volumes to move so should I move them one at a time giving plenty of time inbetween for ALUA or MPIO to figure out the new path?


Thanks in advance, any user stories or experiences would be great!



You may want to read http://community.netapp.com/t5/Data-ONTAP-Discussions/New-Cluster-Nodes-Not-Showing-in-NetApp-DSM-for-MPIO/td-p/123988 where amost exactly the same question was discussed rather extensively.


That is great information, thanks.  I would have been very confused as I missed the Selective LUN Mapping addition.


My main question still applies though, is there anything I have to worry about as far as downtime during the volume move?  The volume moves are going to take a day or more due to size and there is no way we can experience a downtime that long.


Thanks again on the Selective LUN mapping, that would have killed me for a few days checking the networking.


NetApp statement is that volume move is non-disruptive. If you are so concerned, open support request, although I am not sure how it helps if you are unlucky to be the first one to hit new bug ...


Haha, very true.  Thanks.