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Moving a Volume in the MIddle of SnapMirroring


I want to move a SnapMirror source volume that has been continually running it's SnapMirror job. It is taking >24 hours to run and thus is behind by several days. Does anyone know if moving a volume that is continually SnapMirroring like this will cause a problem with with the SnapMirror job, or the volume? We are on cdot 8.3.2 P3. My goal is to move the volume to a cluster node that has been running SnapMirror jobs significantly faster.



According to TR-4075


In all versions of Data ONTAP, a source volume of a SnapMirror relationship can be moved while the volume is being mirrored. SnapMirror services encounter a brief pause during the cutover phase of the volume move job.



Thank you very much ! I just checked out the TR and it does indeed answer my question.