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Moving data to another volume non-distruptively


Hello all,


FAS 8200, Data Ontap 9.7 pxx.

The setup is: one svm acting as a cifs server in activedirectory. Many volumes and many qtrees in them. Because of backup considerations I try to keep the volumes on 10T and less. Some of the volumes are getting close to the limit and I was wondering whether I can migrate qtrees to a new volume in a non-distruptive way.




The Hebrew University of Jerusalem




How big are the qtrees you are planing to move. I can think of ndmpcopy but "how long" is something difficult to predict. NDU is not possible for CIFS wether it is qtree/volume due to it's nature (unless it is continues share). I am not sure if this idea will work - flexclone->delete rest except the qtree you need --> split it...dosen't sound good, splitting for a large volume is very slow, so I wouldn't go that route.

I guess, use ndmpcopy or another tool (host side) to copy the data across. With ndmpcopy, you can do base line and an increment, shutdown cifs, do another incremental. Re-create shares and restat cifs. Let's see what others suggests, I am sure there will be other ways that I am not aware of.

The largest is around 3T, the rest are 1T and less.

What is ndmpcopy? where do I find it?


Thanks, I'll try it.

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