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Moving volumes to qtree


Dear Admins,

I am in middle of migration tasks from one NetApp cluster to another NetApp cluster. I have 6 NFS shares (volumes) on current and I would like to move them as qtrees into one volume. I have used Snapmirror (volume to volume) for other migrations to reduce the down time.  I have no qtrees in the current volumes. This is my requirement;











Is this possible?





Thanks, I was thinking about it yesterday and downloaded it. Before I do that I just wanted to check if anything on storage level can be done.

Please do let us know how you get on with the XCP, I have never explored this tool but I am really interested to know how it turns out for your task. Other option is nmdpcopy as suggested by Paul, for long we have used this method (ndmpcopy) for file-level copy, could be handy as a second option. Also, as you will end up with qtree and if you happen to backup these data via ndmp protocol then could change the backup method from inode to tree walk, which could reduce the overall backup time.


The other option is ndmpcopy.


Only way to get those volumes as qtrees is to copy the data. XCP would be an option here.




If you just need the volumes to be in the same namespace path, you can leave them as volumes and do this:


- unmount the volumes from the ONTAP namespace (vol unmount)

- remount the volumes below the new volume (vol mount /vol/vol1)

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