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Can I choose the ONTAP version installed on a new FAS order?




I will order 2 new FAS2720 next week. The default shipping release is 9.9 but I would like to have it with 9.7 installed since I have to migrate via Snapmirror (XDP) from FAS2554 with ONTAP 9.3.


Yes, I can upgrade FAS2554 to 9.5 or 9.7 but I prefer to spend time on setup new system and not on the old FAS.


Is possible to request a specific ONTAP version on order?




Not really,  i've explored that path a few times for customers and never worked out (Unless you're doing like 100x  cluster order or something. ) Nor did it really make sense as downgrading is pretty easy when you first get the box.   


What's the data that's on the 2554? just NAS? 



on 2554 I'm using only NAS via NFS. I have also received confirmation from my sales representative that is not more possible to choose the ONTAP version during the order.


So, in order to switch from 9.9 to 9.7, is better to use the Revert procedure or reinstall ONTAP 9.7 from fresh on the FAS?



In this situation I would typically do an install and wipe since it's net new box.


You can do boot menu opt 7. where you can install the latest 9.7P release. 

and followed by that you can do a wipe.int using opt 9a. and then 9b. 




otherwise ya you could do a disruptive downgrade to 9.7 

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