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backup from flexclone slow


We are testing to back up CIFS shares by Rubrik, the backup performance is decent (3Gbps), but big number of open or changed files skipped. 

Then we tested to back up same shares from flexclone, this time we didn't see any files have been skipped, but backup performance is much slow (60Mbps).

Not sure how the slowness was caused. Believe Rubrik backs share up from UNC or NFS mount point.

If we can fix the slowness issue, we are also plan to use WFA to auto-fresh the flexclone for backup. Basically we want to run backups from the latest snapshot daily.

Can someone share your experience?




What is the need to backup CIFS via UNC ? Filesystem is already presented from NAS itself (via CIFS/SMB) so why not back it up from there itself.  I believe Rubrik does SnapDiff with NAS side snapshots (this ensures data is consistent and no files are skipped)


I don't know why flexclone is created/needed to backup CIFS shares, it is just another common "snapshot" shared with its parent. Instead just back it up from parent volume snapshot.


I think there was another thread raised earlier on the same topic.

Some references:

Yeah you're spot on.


FlexClone performance is likely because it isn't split. If you split, I believe it will perform better. That is my blind guess. Without perf archives, I hate to guess however.

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