Since the last couple of weeks by NDMP backups have been failing, prior to that they were just very very slow. All this started when our Netapp storage was upgraded from 7 - Mode to cluster mode by our SAN administrator

I used to get speeds of  120,000 KB/Sec and now after the update if I am lucky if I get 50,000 KB/Sec (I mean really lucky), but I have noticed something my backups are slow when backing up huge NDMP data.. like my projects folder is about 32 Tb big and I know its going to take time backing that up but from the past it use to take around 3 days and now its takes 7 days and off late they have been failing at random times... last time it failed with 28Tb!


I am performing local/direct NDMP bacukups using a Brocade300 switch, so I have fiber cables from 2 Netapp controllers going to my brocade 300 SAN switch and one fiber cable from my backup server to that switch as well, together with 4 other fiber cables from my tape drives (we use Quantum tape library).

I cant seem to figure out why my backups are so slow for this site because I have another site with a similar setup and I am getting very good speeds and the data is as big as  this one...


Any Ideas?