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NFS mount problem for volumes in cluster ontap 8.2 p5

From UI if I create export policy and add rules to it and assign the policy to volume,it works fine .

But when i do the same thing from APIs it does not work.

The steps of execution from APIs are:

1)Volume creation                                 -success

2) Export policy creation                         -success

3)Export rule creation in the policy                -success

4)Assign policy to volume                        -success

5)Mount of volume to the client as per rule        -Not working


But when I create volume from API and other steps from System Manager UI ,it works .

Please refer some person whom I can check on APIs and why it is not working from APIs if same process is being followed .

Let me know whether I am missing some parameter to set which gets automatically set when we create export policy from UI.

If you want I can attach the code snippet(which we are using for creating policy and assigning to volume) for your reference


Re: NFS mount problem for volumes in cluster ontap 8.2 p5

Any news on this ? I need an urgent reply for the same .

Can someone who knows the APIs answer the questions and address the problem ?

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